Can we submit previously created or submitted materials?

No, all submissions must be new and created solely for the purposes of the Filmmaking Frenzy: Remake/Rip Off/ Rampage!!! contest.

How do I tell my friends to vote for my submission?

They just have to click the LIKE button on your entry’s page. Share your entry on social media to get more traction!

I’ve submitted my film but it isn’t showing up on the Filmmaking Frenzy page.

All submissions must be approved before they show up on the page, which creates a little lag time. You’ll see it shortly.

I voted for my entry but my vote isn’t showing up on the page.

The votes take a little while to refresh on the page.

After we submit our entry, can we change any of the credit information on the Frenzy site?

You can email and we can change it for you.

If my entry goes a few seconds long, that’s okay, isn’t it?

It’s not, sorry! 30 seconds maximum, not including our two-second logo at the end.

What should my film’s aspect ratio be?


How will winners be notified?

Our Top 5 will be notified via email and invited to attend the Fantastic Fest Awards Ceremony if they are able to make it to Austin on that date. The grand prize winner will also be notified by email if s/he isn’t able to attend the Awards Ceremony.